Trusts: Practical Use and Strategies


Practical Use and Strategies | taught by Dan Bryan
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Dan Bryan
Dan Bryan
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Dan Bryan became a full-time real estate investor and acquired his real estate broker's license in 2003. He specializes in short sales and has assembled a team of agents and negotiators who work together to get them done. Dan’s hallmark is in finding the creative financing technique that will get the deal done, and has bought/sold/traded numerous parcels of real estate - homes, mobile homes and land - using creative and non-traditional techniques without institutional financing. Instead, Dan uses seller financing, private loans, hard money, subject to, leases, options, exchanges, notes, joint ventures and combinations of the above for buying and selling properties.

Prior to his career in real estate investing, Dan for many years ran a successful electrical contracting business. Dan has held an electrical contractor’s license since 1984 when, at age 21, he was the youngest person to pass the electrical contractors exam in St. Louis County. In 1994, he also obtained his plumbing contractor’s license. This knowledge has made him an expert in fixing and rehabbing houses, and many of his real estate transactions still involve some rehab, where he buys, fixes and resells or rents out the property.

Dan was also involved running and building the most active real estate investor group in St Louis, known as “The Street” REIA, and continues to serve on their board. Many local investors & real estate syndicators tap Dan for his knowledge in structuring complicated real estate transactions and joint ventures, including how to effectively use trusts in holding title to real estate and other unusual real estate situations.


Learn How You Can Start Immediately to Utilize Trusts for Liability/Asset Protection, Financial Privacy, Estate Planning, and Remote Control Management! (Focus will be on Real Estate)


 Are you in business?
 Do you manage rentals?
 Are you a Professional?
 Do you live in a nice house?
 Do you own any property?
 Do you drive a car?
 Do you have employees?
 Do you invest in the market?
 Own Stocks, Bonds, Guns, Boats...?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you're a potential target of the Urban terrorist of the 21st Century: the “contingent fee” lawyer who can tie up your assets for years in legal proceedings. The solution? ACHIEVE FINANCIAL PRIVACY! PROTECT ASSETS! AVOID PROBATE! GO UNDER THE RADAR!

This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of Trust Law ‐ one of the least understood and under‐utilized ways to control real estate and help protect your assets. This course with its complete course Workbook will teach you what they can and can’t do, how to draw up your own trusts, and how to build in those special protective features designed specifically to meet your real estate, personal and business needs.

Don't wait until it's too late to start understanding and implementing this invaluable information.

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28 Videos
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