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Mike Slane & David Dodge

Free Wholesale Course

This course is going to teach you what wholesaling is, how it works and why you should start here.... And Its FREE!

Mike Slane & David Dodge

5 Steps to Your First Deal

This course is designed to teach you the 5 steps you need to take to get your first deal done! Wholesaling Real Estate is SIMPLE but NOT always EASY. We try to break it down so it can also be EASY for you to get your first deal done FAST!

David Dodge

50+ Ways to Find OFF MARKET Deals

50+ Proven Ways to Find OFF MARKET Real Estate Deals. Deals you can Wholesale, Fix and Flip, add to your rental portfolio or just buy and sell for profits!

David Dodge

Bandit Sign Training

This is the ultimate course on Bandit Signs. We show you how you can leverage the POWER of Bandit Signs in your own Real Estate Business to generate tons of Motivated Seller Leads!

Mike Slane & David Dodge

Credibility Packet Success

In this course, we do a deep dive into what should be inside of your credibility packet. We share what WE use on all of OUR appointments as well as explain why each item is important in its own way. Be CREDIBLE & CAPABLE in the seller's eyes!

Mike Slane & David Dodge
$9.99 / month with 7 day free trial

Cash Offer Generator

Are you sending 5-10 offers a Month? A week...? Wow about a Day??? My team and I send 5 offers a day EVERY day! This tool makes it easy to send an offer in 90 Seconds or less. Automate the offer sending process Today! *7 Day Free Trial*

Mike Slane & David Dodge

Advanced Wholesale Course

The Advanced Wholesale Course is the Complete Wholesaling Package! Over 80 Modules of information. This is the creme of the crop when it comes to wholesaling courses. Also we are continually updating this course with new case studies!

Dan Gibson

Savvy Leverage

​Savvy Leverage is a great introductory course on Finding and Using Private Money to do more Real Estate Deals. The course covers the reasons why to use it, as well as the how to, and examples of using private funds.

Mike Slane & David Dodge
$299.00 first payment, $99.00 / month onwards

Partner Training Academy - Group Wholesale Coaching

Learn to wholesale property for large profits while partnering with us on your first few deals. We teach you how to find and sell them so you get paid :)

Dan Bryan

Trusts: Practical Use and Strategies

Trusts: Practical Use and Strategies

Tim Grimmett

Advanced Rehab Course

The Advanced Rehab Course is a partnership with The Discount Property Investors team and Tim Grimmett. Tim share his extensive knowledge on Rehabbing to make PROFITS!


1 on 1 Wholesale Coaching + Course Access

1 on 1 Wholesale Coaching Program and All Course Access