Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Who we Are

    • Goals of the Course

  • 2

    OPM : Other People's Money

    • Other Peoples Money Intro

    • Bank Money

    • Hard Money

    • Seller Money


  • 3

    Finding Private Money

    • How to Find Private Money - Your Elevator Pitch

  • 4

    Securing Private Money

    • Securing Private Money Introduction

    • Promissory Notes

    • Entity Creation

    • Private Placement Memorandum?

  • 5

    Using Private Money

    • Deal Criteria

    • Rental vs Flip Strategies

    • Case Study 1 (Echo Property)

    • Case Study 2 (Driver Property)

    • Infinite ROI

  • 6

    Exiting the Deal

    • Exiting the Deal

  • 7

    Documents Library

    • The PPM - Private Placement Memorandum

    • The Promissory Note


Dan Gibson

Senior Instructor

Dan Gibson is a successful Real Estate investor and managing partner of, Arsenal Capital, Inc, a private equity fund in St. Louis, MO. Dan has been using private money to flip single family homes as well as to purchase a portfolio of Mobile Home Parks. Dan has been featured on several podcasts including The Discount Property Investor Podcast. Dan and the Discount Property Investors have partnered to bring you Savvy Leverage.

David Dodge

Author - The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate

David Dodge is a founding member of House Sold Easy Properties and brings over 10 years of real estate expertise to the company. In addition to working with House Sold Easy, he owns and operates a real estate property management firm out of Saint Louis Missouri. Mr. Dodge has been involved in hundreds of real estate negotiations, purchases, and sales. Prior to House Sold Easy, he was the Founder and President at House Sold Easy. He was responsible for acquiring real estate throughout Missouri while managing a sales team. Mr. Dodge graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with his Bachelors degree in Business Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate Investing.