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Free Wholesale Course

We are giving away a FREE Course on how you can get started Wholesaling Today! This course is going to teach you what wholesaing is, how it works, why you should start here, and what you can do to get started wholesaling your own deals immediately. | taught by Mike Slane & David Dodge

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Mike Slane & David Dodge have created this FREE wholesale course to teach people how to get started in investing in Real Estate with little to NO Money out of pocket. Mike and David are seasoned real estate investors and they specialize in wholesaling and want to share with you how simple the wholesaling business really is. They have created this free course that they are GIVING AWAY to help you get started making money and investing in Real Estate so you too can get started right away. This course is focused on keeping it simple and showing you not only what wholesaling is, but how it works and what you need to do to get started today! Thanks for checking it out and we hope you learn a ton from our free course.

Mike Slane & David Dodge
Mike Slane & David Dodge

Mike Slane

Michael Slane is a full time real estate professional actively investing in St. Louis since 2009 in residential multi-family and single family homes. Michael is co-founder and a Senior Buyer for House Sold Easy in the St. Louis, MO market. House Sold Easy pays cash for houses in all conditions and focuses on developing win win solutions for property owners, sellers and buyers.

David Dodge

David Dodge is a full time real estate professional with over 10 years of real estate expertise. In addition to working with House Sold Easy, he owns and operates a real estate property management firm out of Saint Louis Missouri. Mr. Dodge has been involved in hundreds of real estate negotiations, purchases, and sales.

You can contact us for more information at

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Welcome to the FREE Wholesale Course!

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Great imfor

by steve conner
Workable from start to finish and you guys do keep it simple.

5 Stars!

by markese bragg
Awesome Course :)

Thank you

by Alex Zoro
Great info
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Great imfor

by steve conner
Workable from start to finish and you guys do keep it simple.

5 Stars!

by markese bragg
Awesome Course :)

Thank you

by Alex Zoro
Great info


by Timm Henry
This was great!

Free Wholesale course

by Brent Taylor
I really enjoyed your course . You guys really put a lot of time and effort into the course. I have been looking and learning about wholesaling on the internet when I found your course. Truely the best course I have seen so far without buying one yet,now I will be looking at your course. Thanks Brent,Tulsa

Very Informative

by Charlene Booth
Thanks for the info!!! I enjoyed the course and i'm eager to get started and see what I'll accomplish!

5 Stars!

by Jeremiah Phronebarger
Great Course :)

Great Course

by Brittani HALL
This was a great course. Tons of helpful information. Wholesailing from start to finished. Thanks guys.


by jabri fox
Very informative, easy to understand.

Free Wholesaling Course

by Merle Ways
Totally enjoyed the course, feel as though I learned a ton of useful information. Makes me feel I can do it, wholesaling that is. Will go through it again, and again. Thanks for the free course.

First time wholesaling 9/19/2018

by shacarra robinson
I finished your course in one day, I am going to get started tomorrow I actually enjoyed your lessons and I also enjoyed you guys you were awesome I retained everything that I’ve learned today I took plenty of notes and I will be watching any other useful content that your guys put out there thank you so much for this free course I truly appreciate this!!! -Shacarra Robinson


by josie Love
I watched dominique king's how to video for wholesaling. He suggested a video you had made for the bandit sign stapler. I left a comment and you all left me a link to this in the comments. I'm feeling more confident than ever to just go for it, although my means are pretty slim. Thank you for helping me and others!

Awesome Content!

by Kaila Williams
I honestly believe that this has been the most helpful tools I've come across thus far. The information was clear, concise, and easy to follow. In addition, I appreciated the various forms in which the information was presented to cater to different types of learners (visual, auditory etc.). Lastly, I loved the "call to action" incorporation during the videos and the ending quotes. The only con I have, is at times, I would have to stop and look up information during the course because the term may not have been clarified. For example, the term "escrow," which is not common knowledge for me. Other than that, everything was great! Thank you both for sharing your amazing content with us all! -Kaila W.


by Adarius Johnson
Thank You all!

Thank you

by Lance Thompson
This was such a great course! it was very to-the-point and didn't just give small hints or gems here and there, it gave detailed steps on how to actually get started. They made it simple enough, while still giving enough detail. Thank y'all so much for this course.

Great Information!

by Shannon Watts
Thank you so much for taking the time to put this course together....FOR FREE!!! I have been searching and searching for information on wholesaling and everything I found either costss too much and gave very little or costs too little and promised way too much. So thank you very much for kindness and selflessness in putting this together. And I look forwarded to getting started soon after I review the course again! God Bless! Shannon Watts

Discount Property Investor University

by Brian Flint
Very informative thanks so much for sharing

5 Star

by Mike Bourne
I was really impressed by how you had to offer of free content. Especially how I was so new into Wholesaling. Love your content, Cheers Mike

Very Informative

by Katie Reese
Thank you for this course, it's very informative and I'm hoping that this will be a great addition to my real estate license!

by Katherine Mendoza

Free course

by Gladys Webb
Great stuff, ready to take my life o a new level

Very information, thanks!

by Alexander Montero
Very informative course covering the basics of wholesaling. Thank you for putting this together. Happy selling!!

Good Course

by Joseph Jackson
You did a great or should I say amazing with the free course!

Thank you

by Angel Vallejo
Great content and recommendations.


by Teresa Stephens
This was extremely helpful! Thank you so much for it!

by Billy Guidry

Wholesaling Course

by Ken Foster
This was AWESOME information. I was familiar with lots of it, but I did pick up somethings I didn't know. Good luck fellows and keep up the good work sharing your information

Thank you!

by Jaysen Lacy-Dooley
Thank you for putting all this together in one location.

by anjie parlin
Really Informational! Made everything simple.

Free Wholesale Course REVIEW

by P wilson

Wow is all i can say

by Aaron Isadore
Mike and David over Deliver !!

On Wholesaling

by Sarah Santiago
Thank You so much for the great insight and teaching that you have put together. I have a lot to learn and this is an opener for me, and I appreciate it very much and will go over the course again.

Awesome Course

by Christian Brandel
I highly recommend this to anyone that is trying to get into wholesaling. Dave and Mike break it down and teach you to take bite size pieces vs trying to learn it all at once. Awesome course for FREE and Tons of value is in there. If you want all the info, you will want it to be organized into 1 single simple to follow chart or modules.. This course does it beautifully! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT :)

Very informative

by Johnson Lo
Great free course on wholesaling. A lot of information provided!


by toynetta camon

Fundamentals are key!!!

by Kerry Norris
Definitely the best free wholesale course for sure. I got a lot of knowledge and ideas. Now I'm ready to take charge of my future!

by yolanda mack

Free Wholesale course

by dedrick carr
The course was informative and enlightening.

Make undestanding very simple.

by Peterson Cunha
very good course,easy and simple to undestanding. Thank you so much for share this information!,exatly what i was looking for. This course has ton off value. i will star soon and i hope we can do business toghether in the future.

Message of Gratitude

by charles nguyen
To David, Mike, and everyone else at DISCOUNT PROPERTY INVESTORS, Thank you so much for putting together this amazing free Wholesaling course. It has helped me tremendously in terms of learning introductory knowledge and I’m so fired up to get out there and do deals! Again, I appreciate you guys for what you do and I hope to be in contact with you all in the future.

A Clear and Transparent Look at Wholesaling

by Brandon Peters
I can't believe this course is free!!! I previously had zero education (only a curiosity) with wholesaling. David and Mike did an incredible job presenting the material in such a clear and transparent way. After going through the course, I now feel prepared and well-equipped to go out and implement this new knowledge. Thank you guys for providing this incredible and free service! -Brandon P.


by Mark Robinson
A wealth of information to build a solid foundation and direction for success!!!

by Alberto Garza

Great Content

by Nick Slonac
I never write reviews for anything, however I truly appreciate this course and the content it provided. This is a great FREE way to be introduced to the concept of wholesaling and provides actionable steps that can be used right away. Overall this provides an incredible return on investment.

Very Informative

by dawnyse myers
For a first time wholesaler, the course helps lay a foundation and settle the anxiety of making huge mistakes. Thanks

Awesome Content

by Dr Donald Myers
I loved these Wholesale Training videos.

Meat and Patatoes!!

by Aaron Isadore
Awesome you guys have done a super job bringing this information !!You Rock!!

free wholesale course

by Raven Rush
thank u for this free course . for a beginner like myself it gave me a good idea about the concepts, what to do, and how. mentors are amazing so thanks again

Great Free Course

by Willie Smith
Thanks guys for a great and informative free course. You guys made it so easy to understand and follow and im ready to start finding deals now. Thanks s much.

Great course!!

by Jared Pencook
As a real estate professional, I follow other professionals and investors on Facebook and other social media on a daily basis. I am constantly seeing David Dodge and Mike Slane talked about on these platforms, so I had to check it out myself! These guys are full of knowledge, and they make their FREE course fun and easy to follow along. I love the free ARV template and repair sheet downloads! Highly recommend this course!! J


by eliakim joseph
This is just what one needs for a life changing experience for the better ! Thank you you guys are the best.

Good Stuff!

by Jeff Whelan
Nice job fellas! Appreciate all the detail while keeping it simple, you guys rock!

Excellent, Thorough, AND FREE!

by Antonio Holman
I am so grateful for this free course! It is just what I've needed. Thank you so much!


by mustafa molley
I loved every bit of it i'm looking to complete a wholesale deal soon. You guys kept it very simple for anyone to understand. Thanks

by Alex Ficco


by Jamie Minter
The free wholesale course is great I will definitely recommended this to those wanting to start wholesaling real estate

Great Course to encapsulate the business model of Wholesaling!

by Randy Strong
Covers all the bases to make sure you have a good understanding of the business model so you can wrap your brain around it quickly. Good actionable content, minus all the fluff. Thanks guys!

Solid information

by Joseph Higgs
Without having anything to reference against, I feel the information presented in this course was a great introduction to wholesale house marketing. I really appreciate the fact that the business is marketing, and the product is real estate. That makes a world of difference.


by Andres Ortiz
Thank you guys for teaching how to start in wholesaling really simple straight to the point hope to start doing business soon


by dylan eckhoff
Such a large amount of practical content for FREE!

by Ted Daniels

Great way to start!

by Maggie Vanderberg
The Free Wholesale Course is an excellent source and step by step guidance on how to do wholesale the right way. Thank you guys for share your knowledge! Maggie Vanderberg

Free Wholesale Course

by Howard Walker
I'm very excited about what you guys brought to the table. I just need my hand to be held until i get it. I know it's reputation.


by ricardo brown
I think this was a great course guys I recommend more

Love it

by sharmine bennett
Love the course great info got plenty of notes

wholesale course

by shaimeir lesane
this course is amazing I thank you guys for this

by Monalie Jones
very clear and simple way on wholesaling to undetstand.


I loved this free course it was very helpful for a newbie like me!!!!

Very good content

by Daniel Ortiz
Very well put together and done in a timely manner, not too long and not too short in these video modules, just straight to the point. Just like David says, "Don't over complicate things"... Good job guys

Marcellus Burton

by marcellus burton
Was a great course that went into detail explaining every step in wholesaling. Thanks for the course really learned a lot


by charles mangelsdorv
Wow thank you for this free course it was everything I needed to know and wonder about wholesaling real estate I feel I'm almost ready to get those contracts now ! Thanks again guys!

Inspired to take action

by Matt McCarthy
I had been flirting with the idea of wholesaling a little bit before this course. This course inspired me and gave me the confidence to finally take action and get started.

Great Course

by Jack McCarthy
This course does a great job of explaining the wholesale process in detail. Both those with no knowledge of real estate and seasoned investors will benefit from this course.


by Bob Houston
Thanks for the free course. After getting all caught up in too much education, I found this course to be simple, straightforward and accurate. I have a new attitude to "just do it" and don't worry so much about knowing every detail beforehand.


by Trottie McQueen
I thought the course was simple but yet to the point and very effective

Great course!

by Deborah Smith
I highly recommend this to people who are considering being a property scout or "bird dog" as it brings up the question of how do you get paid without a contract?? Thanks guys!!

Free Wholesaling Course

by Vince Mayer
Very succinct. Didn't try to hype other products and was always straight to the point.

Great Free Course

by Mercedes Rollins
This is a great free course. Lots of information well organized for new wholesaler. If you are struggling to get started in real estate check out this course.

Amazing Course! Massive Value and all for FREE )

by Julia Douglas
Mike and Dave, this course was awesome! I can't believe that you are giving this course away for free. I am a new investor and have been scouring the web trying to learn how to get started in wholesaling and everywhere I look someone is trying to sell me a course for thousands of dollars. I have also bought several books on the topic and this course has been the best resource by far. Thank you both so much and I'm definitely interested in both the advanced course as well as your coaching program in the very near future :)

Great content

by Floyd Bazin
Excellent tutorial great information very straightforward very helpful in teaching the basics. The best information I've seen out there for free.

Free Whole Sale Course ***

by Laura Richter
Liked how simple the presentation is.