Cash Offer Generator

Cash Offer Generator

Send a cash offer in less than 90 seconds | taught by Mike Slane & David Dodge

Course description

Would you find value in a simple web form that you can fill out in about 90-seconds and then it would generate you a PDF “cash offer”, send it to your motivated seller from your OWN email address, from your OWN business name, and then CC you on that offer with an email explaining who you are and offer several ways to contact you back.    

Oh and the pdf Cash Offer would be attached to the email of course!

1 simple web form,  about a minute of your time, and a REAL signed offer sent to both you and your seller.  Why send it to you as well???  So you can make sure it was sent for 1 and 2 to be able to follow up with them Obviously!)

We are all super busy so automating the 1 thing that determines your success is kind of a no brainer right?   Check this course out for FREE for 7 days!    

Mike Slane & David Dodge
Mike Slane & David Dodge

Mike Slane

Michael Slane is a full-time real estate professional actively investing in St. Louis since 2009 in residential multi-family and single-family homes. Michael is co-founder and a Senior Buyer for House Sold Easy in the St. Louis, MO market. House Sold Easy pays cash for houses in all conditions and focuses on developing win-win solutions for property owners, sellers and buyers.

David Dodge

David Dodge is a full-time real estate professional with over 15 years of real estate expertise. In addition to working with House Sold Easy, he owns and operates a real estate property management firm out of Saint Louis Missouri. Mr Dodge has been involved in over 350 real estate negotiations, purchases, and sales.