Advanced Rehab Course

Advanced Rehab Course

taught by Tim Grimmett

Course description

The Advanced Rehab Course is a partnership with The Discount Property Investors team and Tim Grimmett. Tim share his extensive knowledge on Rehabbing to make PROFITS!
Tim Grimmett
Tim Grimmett
Senior Instructor

Tim Grimmett

Founder and CEO of Headache Free Properties

Tim has been a professional real estate investor since 1999. He began his journey in this exciting industry while he was working for a retail chain in the
St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. He met contractors, tradesmen and investors. He got involved and met those who were successful and never
turned back.

Finally, taking the leap to invest in an investment property of his own, he
was well on his way. Eventually, he started assisting other individuals to
become successful in their real estate investing endeavors.

It's been an exciting time learning about the market and the constant changes, honing his skills and working with different people involved in real estate industry.

The Discount Property Investors

The Discount Property Investors are a group of Investors located in St. Louis : Ray Bartle, David Dodge, Bill Maret, and Mike Slane.

The team has over 50 years of combined Real Estate Investing experience. The passion behind the team is helping others learn to invest in Real Estate.