Course curriculum

  • 1

    Weclome to the University!

    • Intro to Advanced Wholesaling Course!

    • What Business Am I Really In?

    • Start with WHY

    • Setting Goals and Creating a Plan

    • 5 Golden Rules for Goal Setting

    • My Goals Worksheet!

    • Planning with G.O.S.P.A.

    • Daily ScoreCard

    • How to use the Daily ScoreCard

    • Discussion -> What are your Goals? Post them here!

  • 2

    What is Wholesaling?

    • Wholesaling Introduction

    • Can I really do this with a limited budget?

    • What is Wholesaling Video?

    • Wholeasling - 101

    • Wholesaling - Advanced Strategies

    • Advanced Strategies Summaries

    • Wholesaling Mind Map

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

  • 3

    1. Finding Motivated Sellers

    • Finding Motivated Sellers Introduction

    • Motivated Sellers

    • Call Script

    • Finding Motivated Sellers (Mind Map)

    • How Mike and David Market for their Deals

    • Ordering Direct Mail Video (How to Order and Send)

    • Bandit Signs Posting - Coming Soon

    • Direct Mail Samples

    • Resources

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> How are you finding your Deals?

  • 4

    2. Analyzing Deals

    • Analyzing Deals Intro Video

    • How to Run Comps using Zillow


    • How to Determine Repair Estimates

    • Advanced Repair Estimate Strategies. PDF and Excel Download

    • How Mike and Dave Analyzie their Deals!

    • Test your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> How are you Analyzing your Deals?

  • 5

    3. Securing Deals

    • Making offers Intro Video

    • Offer Calculator and Sellers Net Sheet

    • How to fill out Purchase Contract

    • Purchase Contract Download

    • Option Contract Download

    • Assignment Contract Download

    • How to Fill out Assignment Contract

    • Joint Venture Agreement Download

    • How to Fill out Joint Venture Agreement

    • Due Dilligence #CYA_Clauses

    • CYA Clauses and Extra Tips

    • How Mike and Dave Send Offers!

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> How are you Securing Deals?

  • 6

    4. Finding Motivated Buyers

    • Buyers List Intro Video

    • Buyers List MindMap

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> How are Building your buyers list?

  • 7

    5. Marketing your Deals

    • Selling your Deals Introduction

    • Marketing your Deals Checklist

    • Marketing Properties Mind Map

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> How are you Marketing your deals?

  • 8

    6. Closing Deals

    • Closing the Deal Introduction

    • Title Companies and Closing Attorneys

    • Types of Closes and Why

    • Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

    • Discussion -> Share your Successes with the Community

  • 9

    Putting it all Together

    • Quick Refresher, You're basically a PRO!

    • The Entire Process - Lets Review

    • Offers, Offers, Offers

    • Course Recap - Mind Map

    • Think You're a Pro? Lets find out...(TEST)

    • Additional Help

  • 10

    Tools of the Trade

    • Running Comps & List Providers

    • Driving for Dollars - Free Trial + $40 Dollars in Free Deal Credits!

    • Skip Tracing

    • Yellow Letter and Direct Mail

    • Lock Boxes

  • 11

    Certified Wholesaling PRO!

    • Congratulations You Did It!

    • Quick Survey

    • Additional Help

  • 12

    * * (Bonus Content) * *

    • Request Additional Help

    • Example Letters Received (to David Dodge)

    • Example Post Cards Received (to David Dodge)


David Dodge

Author - The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate

David Dodge is a founding member of House Sold Easy Properties and brings over 10 years of real estate expertise to the company. In addition to working with House Sold Easy, he owns and operates a real estate property management firm out of Saint Louis Missouri. Mr. Dodge has been involved in hundreds of real estate negotiations, purchases, and sales. Prior to House Sold Easy, he was the Founder and President at House Sold Easy. He was responsible for acquiring real estate throughout Missouri while managing a sales team. Mr. Dodge graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with his Bachelors degree in Business Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate Investing.

Mike Slane

Author - The BRRRR Method

Mike SlaneSenior Buyer & Co-FounderMichael Slane is a full time real estate professional actively investing in St. Louis since 2009 in residential multi-family and single family homes. Michael is co-founder and a Senior Buyer for House Sold Easy in the St. Louis, MO market. House Sold Easy pays cash for houses in all conditions and focuses on developing win win solutions for property owners, sellers and buyers.Previously Michael worked as a Life insurance underwriter. Analyzing risks and identify opportunities for RGA. While working in this capacity Mike earned several industry designations : the FALU, FLMI, FLHC, and ARA.

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